Glasgow (27/02/13)



Im still tuning in every week waiting for an another episode of spin the harry

Jimmy Kimmel Live! - July 24, 2014 [HQ via 5SOS Brasil]

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@5SOS: Who dat who dat M I K E WHY


@Luke5SOS: Went into target the other day trying to sell people our album, cause everyone hates it haha 😁


@Ashton5SOS: Band just wasn’t workin out, so I got a day job at target… “How can I help you today?”

tumblr isn’t letting me upload any gifs how fantastic :-)

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i think this is my favorite description of harry ever



If you have an apple product, in the App Store they have a 5sos version of flappy bird! It’s called Flappy- 5sos edition.😊 xx

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